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Perspectives of 8 Different Practitioners

A variety of practitioners beyond registered dietitians can embrace nutrition for chronic disease prevention and treatment. New for 2018 we present Perspectives of 8 Different Practitioners.

Saturday 1:30–2:05

Perspective 1: Physician in Clinical Practice

"Lifestyle Medicine Can Mobilize Plant-Based Diets Against Chronic Inflammation (and its Aftermath)"

Saturday 2:05–2:40

Perspective 2: Nurse Practitioner and Certified Diabetes Educator

"Diabetes Care without Industry Influence: Serving Patients by Doing the Right Thing"

Saturday 3:55–4:25

Perspective 3: Physician in a Group Setting

"Dinner with the Doctor: A Flavorful Prescription for Health Improvement"

Saturday 4:25–5:00

Perspective 4: Integrative Psychiatrist

"Mindful Eating"

Sunday 2:40–3:10

Perspective 5: Physician in Sports Medicine

"The Intersection of Plant-Based Nutrition with Sports and Spine Medicine"

Sunday 3:10–3:40

Perspective 6: Exercise Physiologist

"Does Diet Trump Exercise?  For Fat-burning, Fitness and Health, Is Walking Really Enough?"

Monday 9:40–10:05

Perspective 7: Pharmacist

"The Plant-Based Rx"

Monday 10:05–10:30

Perspective 8: Registered Nurse

"Everyday Nursing Opportunities for Nutrition Education and Promotion"

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