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Below Is the Complete Viewable Agenda for the Sunday June 11, 2023 Virtual Summit, Not Chronological but Organized Alphabetically by Speaker.

If instead you wish to DOWNLOAD a simple-format chronological agenda with all Virtual Summit details on one page (updated 4/19/23), please use this button:

Columbus Batiste, MD FACC FSCAI & Neha Pathak, MD FACP DipABLM

KEYNOTE DUET DISCUSSION:  How Do Cardiovascular Health and Disease Relate to Women's Health, to Vulnerable Populations' Health Disparities and to Lifestyle Medicine?

Brenda Davis, RD (Canada)

Nutrition for Diabetes Prevention / Reversal (also Helping Support a Diverse Beneficial Gut Microbiome)

Andrew Freeman, MD FACC FACP

Latest Science Reinforces the Plant-based Lifestyle

Sean Hashmi, MD MS FASN

Addressing Chronic Kidney Disease through Nutrition

Amber Orman MD DipABLM

PAST KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Empowering Cancer Patients through Lifestyle Medicine:  An Innovative Approach to Wellness

Shayna Smith, MD DipABLM

Enriching Pediatrics with Plant-based Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine


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