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Research Abstract Poster Session, P-POD Nutrition & Lifestyle Med. Conference, Newark NJ, Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2023


P-POD teams up with the Lifestyle Medicine Action Group of PPMNY for our first Research Abstract Poster Session!

Registrants, speakers and P-POD team members are eligible to submit abstracts for approval, then to proceed in displaying research in poster format at our Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2023 P-POD Nutrition & Lifestyle Med. Conference in Newark NJ!

This can be a special opportunity for exposure of innovative or insi
ghtful work to leaders, colleagues and learners in related fields.  The content, non-commercial in nature and citing human-based research only, should involve one or more of P-POD's 13 Core Topic Areas ( or else a 14th topic added for this session:  "Gun violence vs. the health of children, families and communities;  and the racial disparities of death, trauma and fear".

Complete detailed information about the session, the requirements and the timeline involved are at:

Here, though, are the highlights of the timeline:

  • Abstracts for review must be submitted by 11:59 pm ET, Monday August 28, at the dedicated P-POD submission portal.

  • Authors will be notified by 11:59 pm ET, Wednesday August 30 about action on acceptance by the P-POD Research Review Panel.

  • If abstracts are accepted, viewable versions of poster materials, including all other sections and graphics, must be uploaded no later than 5 pm ET, Thursday September 21 for final review. Actual poster mounting display area at the conference will be 4' X 4'.

  • P-POD will give the go-ahead by 10 pm ET, Friday September 22 to produce final full posters for mounting.

  • Though the posters will be displayed throughout the conference, and images will also be shown virtually, the Presenting Author must be present at the displayed poster for all of 7:35-8:30 am ET, Sunday October 1, to address all questions from attendees.

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