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Terry Mason, MD FACS

Former Chief Operating Officer, Cook County Department of Public Health

Former System Chief Medical Officer, Cook County Health and Hospitals System

Former Assistant Professor, University of Illinois Department of Urology and School of Public Health

Radio host, “Doctor in the House”

Terry Mason, MD received his medical degree from the University of Illinois College of Medicine and had a long career as a practicing urologist.  For more than a dozen years he held the chief executive or management positions in the City of Chicago Department of Public Health or the Cook County Department of Public Health.  He is also a former Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois Department of Urology and School of Public Health,

Dr. Mason's numerous contributions to community and society have won him several awards including the Outstanding Young Doctor Award from Dollars and Sense Magazine, the Nigerian-American Forum's Distinguished Persons award, and the Monarch Awards’ Foundation Men in Medicine Award.  Dr. Mason also leads the annual “Restart” or “Meatless January” campaign, which calls on Chicagoans to go completely meat-free during the first month of the year.  He has hosted Doctor in the House, a health-oriented talk show on the Chicago radio station WVON for close to 20 years.  He is an articulate advocate for the health promotion benefits of plant-based nutrition.

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