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Tim Radak, DrPH MPH RDN

Academic Coordinator, Public Health PhD Program, Walden University College of Health Sciences

Author or co-author of 15 articles and abstracts in peer-reviewed journals, and 3 textbook chapters

Manuscript Reviewer, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition

Manuscript Reviewer, Health Promotion Practice

Manuscript Reviewer, Journal of Social, Behavior and Health Sciences

Former Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Dietetic Internship Director, Appalachian State University

Tim Radak, DrPH MPH RDN is Academic Coordinator for the Public Health PhD program at Walden University, where he has taught public health courses since 2010.  He previously served as Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Dietetic Internship Director at Appalachian State University, Senior Research Program Manager for the Cancer Prevention Institute of California, and Director of Nutrition for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.  He has been credentialed as a Registered Dietitian since 2000, and earned his doctorate in Public Health Nutrition at Loma Linda University.
Tim has authored or co-authored 15 articles and abstracts in peer-reviewed scientific journals, written several textbook chapters, and contributed to and participated in television, radio and newsprint media as an expert on various public health and nutrition topics.  His research interests include:  the relationship between plant-based diets and reduced risk of chronic diseases;  epidemiology of chronic diseases;  essential fatty acids requirements and metabolism; behavioral strategies for lifestyle modification;  body composition;  food insecurity;  and nutritional assessment methodologies.

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