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P-POD 2020 has been moved online, so please disregard the Venue page below for 2020.  For details, CLICK HERE.


Walking-distance Campus Housing

2020 Walkable Housing:
Starting in the afternoon of January 9, 2020, you now have the OPTION during our online registration to reserve affordable walkable campus lodging (if you do not live close by)....  or else you may of course arrange your own off-campus lodging.   At the end of your registering online for the conference, you will see the opportunity to add “recommended products” to your order, these being 12 options (combining type-of-housing and which-nights-needed) for affordable walking-distance housing.  ALSO, if you PREVIOUSLY registered for the conference but did NOT purchase campus lodging, then, you may SEPARATELY add that lodging via this special link:  LINK FOR HOUSING-ONLY REGISTRATION.  [If you would prefer to stay at a hotel in the area, we will always on our Venue page list 2 or 3 of those that seem most of interest.]

Nights Available:

[This part has been updated because in postponing P-POD to JULY, we changed from a Sat.-to-Mon. to a Fri.-to-Sun. event!  Prior housing bookings were automatically changed to one day earlier.]  By default, a combination of Fri. July 24 and Sat. July 25 nights may be booked, or either of these nights may be booked alone.  Then, either Thurs. July 23 or Sun. night July 26 could optionally be added to the above in finishing the booking.



In postponing P-POD to July, we had to make a new campus parking contract with the university, forcing us to add parking charges during registration.  These cover only part of what P-POD pays for parking.  If you stay in our campus housing, and will need to keep a car on campus, $6 per day should be paid by you during registration for this.  Upon check-in at your housing building, you should get your parking pass to secure your car and prevent ticketing or towing.

Two Kinds of Affordable Campus Housing:
There are “KITCHEN SUITE” apartments with 2 bathrooms and a living room, that may be occupied by 3 or 4 individuals with private bedrooms….  $94 or $74 per person per night.  And, there are “BARE-BONES NO-FRILLS” accommodations where 2 private rooms are linked by one shared bathroom (but kitchen or lounge facilities are elsewhere in the building)….  averaging $35 to $47 per person per night depending on number of nights.

KITCHEN SUITE, with living room, in “The Village”:
$94 per person per night if 3 people occupy the 2-bathroom suite, or $74 per person per night if 4 people occupy.  Each person has a private locking bedroom with 85” X 39” bed, linens, bedding, desk, wired internet, window and some storage.  Different P-POD registrants may mutually choose to share an apartment (and its kitchen and living room), or else we can randomly assign other gender-compatible (as defined by you) persons to share your apartment.  A laundry room and 7 days/week service desk are elsewhere in the building.  Detailed description and floor plan of the suite is at:

BARE-BONES NO-FRILLS housing, in “Putnam Hall” or its neighbor in the “First-Year” complex:
This costs $47 per person for 1 night, or $78 for 2 nights, $110 for 3, or $142 for 4, thus $35 to $47 per person per night.  2 people each have a private room, and a shared bathroom (including 2 sinks) sits between the 2 rooms.  Because of the single bathroom with access to be negotiated, this housing MAY BE BEST SUITED TO 2 PEOPLE WHO KNOW EACH OTHER, but you could also ask us to assign randomly another gender-compatible (as defined by you) person to occupy the other private room.  Each private room (12’ X 12’, plus additional foyer with 60” wide closet) is designed to be occupied by 2 freshman students, but we will place only ONE person in it.  The private room has two 78” X 39” beds, linens, bedding, two 3-drawer dressers, two desks, wired internet and a 56” X 65” window.  A community kitchen, lounge, laundry room and 7 days/week service desk are elsewhere in the building.   Detailed description and floor plan of the room combination is at:


Walkable Housing 2020
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