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Lakshman Mulpuri, BS

Co-Founder and Chief Executive, Plants Nourish

Consultant and Executive Board Member, 501(c)(3) nonprofit Auntie Na’s Village, Detroit

Former President, Plant Based Nutrition Group (PBNG) based at Wayne State School of Medicine

Principal author, manuscript submitted for publication, "Rooting for Wellness: A Model for the Introduction of Plant-based Nutrition to Health Professions’ Students"

Lakshman Mulpuri, BS is a third year medical student at Wayne State University School of Medicine.  He has played an activist role both in community and university settings, for example as a consultant and Executive Board Member for the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Auntie Na’s Village, in Detroit, and as the former President of the Plant Based Nutrition Group (PBNG) based at his medical school.  He is the principal author of a manuscript that has been submitted for publication:  "Rooting for Wellness:  A Model for the Introduction of Plant-based Nutrition to Health Professions’ Students".

Lakshman is also Co-Founder and Chief Executive of Plants Nourish, which currently is undertaking at least 5 projects utilizing different principal investigators across the country.  Mobilizing the healthcare professions' student workforce, it seeks to ease the burden of research that can often discourage busy healthcare practitioners from conducting novel investigations. 
  One project is a multi-institutional study involving over 15 MD and DO programs in the U.S. and 2 in Canada, soon to expand to France and the U.K., seeking to determine medical students' current nutritional proficiency as well as their knowledge and attitudes regarding use of plant-based nutrition in a clinical setting. 

PlantsNourish is also currently developing studies that investigate:  potential impact of plant-based nutrition on a pediatric cardiologist's practice and her adult patients' health outcomes;  outpatient counseling for stroke patients;  the implications of community led lifestyle interventions;  and the effect of diets on the gut microbiome and relevant clinical outcomes.

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