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Passionate about P-POD?

Help us continue to educate regarding prevention or reversal of chronic disease through whole food plant-based nutrition and allied lifestyle changes.

Volunteer privileges include:

  • Volunteering credits applied toward conference admittance 

  • Plant-based meals, with wheat not used as an ingredient, with no-oil-added options

  • Continuing education credits earnable for healthcare professionals such as  MDs, PAs, NPs, RNs, RDs

  • Opportunity to connect with other healthcare professionals and like-minded community members

Volunteer opportunities and responsibilities include:

  • In-person, on-site (nearly all work shifts take place entirely within the conference room)

    • Check-in and help desk, badge handling

    • Opening setup or closing breakdown

    • Managing books / t-shirts table

    • Time keeping and microphone changing

    • Photography

    • Compost monitoring

  • Virtual, remote

    • Supervised targeted conference promotion

    • Supervised social media conference promotion

    • Monitoring attendee conference Zoom chat

    • Notifying attendees about breaks, key web links

FIRST, PLEASE READ either the In-person or Virtual Volunteer Guidelines linked below. 

AFTER THAT, you may use the Volunteer Application link below, to apply.  (June 1-2 P-POD covered in it, Sept. 7-8 coming SOON.)

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