Core Topic Areas

What We Intend to Cover at Every P-POD Event

Our theme for many years has been "The Future of Healthcare Begins with Nutrition".  We seek to meet the extremely high standard of representing EACH one of the following important subject areas in one way or another at EACH future P-POD Conference:

  • Lifestyle Medicine's "Pillars", in general, throughout:  healthful eating of whole plant-based food;  beneficial physical activity;  strategies to manage stress;  forming and maintaining relationships;  improving sleep;  avoiding risky substances.

  • Cancer prevention and survivorship

  • Cardiovascular health and disease

  • Diabetes prevention or reversal

  • Exercise physiology, and movement in daily lifestyle

  • Kidney health and chronic kidney disease

  • Mental / emotional health

  • Microbiome / gut health / gastroenterology

  • Pediatrics

  • Women's health

  • Recognizing vulnerable populations, and disparities in care and nutritious-food access

  • Promoting healthful behaviors at the community-program and primary-care levels

  • Mobilizing simple cuisine in support of plant-based nutrition interventions

  • (currently October only) Bringing nutrition and lifestyle medicine into medical school curriculum

  • (currently June + October only) Nutrition and lifestyle choices for planetary health and sustainability

  • (currently May only) Ethics applicable to dietitians and other practitioners (2022 subject:  Understanding the Gaps and Barriers in Access, Quality of Care, and Equitable Treatment in Women's Health)

2022 Quick-View

There are 41 speakers in 3 conferences in 2022, and all the speakers for the remaining June and October conferences are shown in these 2 images: