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Attendee Feedback

Below on this page:  select attendee feedback from previous years' conferences.

Excellent academic and practical information.  I feel better informed for responding to everyday questions patients and friends ask.
I do nutrition education with young children, and will adjust some of the things I teach to reflect knowledge gained at the conference.
Hi – just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the conference and appreciated how much hard work went into it! Everyone did a fantastic job.
What I learned will encourage me to discuss nutrition issues in MOST of my future patient visits!!  I will tell more patients about the benefits of switching to a whole foods, plant-based diet.
Amazing experience, reasonably priced.  Thanks for all of the thoughtful attention to detail and comfort of participants.  Such a phenomenal lineup of speakers.
Thank you so much for a lovely weekend and for allowing me as a student, and other non-practitioners,  to attend!
I have stronger evidence for promoting the adoption of a plant-based diet among my patients.  I will do more patient education about plant-based diet.
Another round of applause please, for you, for orchestrating one of the most relevant and successful conferences on treating disease ever.
This is my favoritest conference ever.  The speakers were all so great!  Powerful information!  The food was fabulous.  I really hope that this conference is the first of many!
It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the first annual P-POD Conference, and I truly cannot wait for next year!
Excellent conference….  great speakers!  Great topics!!  Thank you for all your hard work and very affordable.
Excellent.  Will help educate my patients regarding nutrition and how it related to disease….  provide scientifically based evidence to my patients on how to reduce atherosclerosis.
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