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Agendas, June 1-2, 2024, Raleigh NC + Virtual

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Daphne Bascom, MD PhD

Muscle Matters:  Building Strength for Longevity and Wellness

Yami Cazorla-Lancaster, DO MPH MS FAAP DipABLM NBC-HWC

[One of two keynote addresses]  Plant-based Diets for Children:  Are They the Future?

Andrew Freeman, MD FACC FACP

The Year in Plants 2024:  Evidence about the Inevitable Way We Need to Live

Meryl Fury, MS RN

Extending Our Reach beyond the Clinic Walls:  New Ways to Provide Equitable Care for Children

Janel Gordon, MD DipABOM DipABLM

[See special presentation near bottom of list.]

Sean Hashmi, MD MS FASN

Dietary Approaches to Chronic Kidney Disease in 2024

Michael Klaper, MD DipABLM [Lifetime Achievement Honoree]

How Does Plant-based Nutrition Reverse Disease?


[One of two keynote addresses]  The Role of Positive Psychology in the Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine, with a Spotlight on Healthy Eating

Amber Orman, MD DipABLM

[Past keynote speaker]  Empowering Cancer Patients through Lifestyle Medicine

Lauren Plunkett, RDN LD CDCES

Language, Emotions and Remission:  What We Need to Know about Diabetes Today

Tim Radak, DrPH MPH RDN

Nutrition and Nutrient Review, and Planning Guide – Whole Food Plant-based or Vegan Diets

Jasmol Sardana, DO FACLM DipABLM

Building a Foundation of Change:  Constructing Lifestyle Transformation Inside and Beyond the Clinic

Alison Tierney, MS RDN CD CSO

Addressing Vasomotor Symptoms in Breast Cancer Survivors through Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine

Christina Wells, MD MPH MBA FAAFP DipABLM

Diabetes in Historically Marginalized Communities, and the Use of Plant-based Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine to Reduce Health Disparities and Improve Health Outcomes

[Bascom + Tierney]

Annual Women's Health Empowerment Discussion

[Cazorla-Lancaster + Lianov + Orman]

Mobilizing Lifestyle Medicine Pillars to Reduce Chronic Stress and Enhance Quality of Life

[Freeman + Sardana]

Sustainable Behavior Change and Culinary Strategies for Cardiovascular Health

[Fury + Gordon + Wells]

Creating Care Settings That Are Sustainable and Equitable for Plant-based Lifestyle Medicine Practitioners and Patients Alike

[Klaper + Radak]

Optimal Feeding of the Gut Microbiota, Whose Central Roles in Health are Revealed More Each Year

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