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June 1-2 Raleigh NC Walking-distance Campus Housing


  • Private bedroom for each registrant in a roomy "Kitchen Suite", plentifully available.

  • Fri., Sat. and Sun. nights all available for booking.

  • Book rooms in original registration or register for them separately later, same way.

  • Parking at housing always free EXCEPT non-conference days, Fri. before 5 pm or Mon. after 7 am, which cost $10/day payable during regular P-POD registration.

  • "Double"/"triple" options, 2 or 3 registrants in gender-matched 2-bathroom suite.

    • "Triple" costs per person, $165 for 3 nights, $120 for 2, $75 for 1.

    • "Double" costs per person, $210 for 3 nights, $150 for 2, $90 for 1.

  • About 2,200 ft. (2/5th mi.) campus walking distance to P-POD, crossing one street.

Procedure to Get Housing (Campus Apartments or Hotel)
You now have the OPTION during our regular online registration to reserve affordable walkable campus lodging (if you do not live close by)....  or else you may of course arrange your own off-campus lodging.   ALSO, if you PREVIOUSLY registered for the conference but did NOT purchase campus lodging, then, you may SEPARATELY add that lodging by going back to the same P-POD online registration page.  If you know 100% of what you need for doing that, then you may go directly into online registration HERE.  If you need other kinds of P-POD information first, then start out at our registration-info PAGE or else our travel/lodging info PAGE.

[If you would prefer to stay at a hotel in the area, be advised that the closest available are 2.5 to 4.2 miles away, and none have shuttles to the conference site this year.  We have arranged P-POD rates at three of these, based on Tripadvisor reviews (at least 4 of 5 stars in key rating categories) and their expected practicality and affordability for our attendees.  Very detailed information for each is at THIS P-POD page.

Nights Available for Campus Housing

Any combination of Fri. May 31, Sat. June 1 and Sun. June 2 nights may be booked during regular P-POD registration.

--At McKimmon Conference Center Is Always Free and Plentiful

--At the Campus Housing is Free Sat.-Sun., Mostly Not Fri./Mon.

  • Friday, the day BEFORE P-POD, parking at the housing site from 7 am to 5 pm costs $10 for the day, otherwise is free.

  • Parking is FREE at the housing site Friday 5 pm to Monday 7 am, thus always during P-POD.

  • If you stay over after conference end, Sunday night, housing site parking beyond 7 am Monday would cost $10, but you could move your car to the McKimmon Center lot before 7 am to avoid that.

  • Whatever number of per-day parking passes you may need, based on the above, may be purchased by you during the housing portion of our online P-POD registration.

Location of Campus Housing
All available campus apartments are of the same type, detailed below, and located at:
Wolf Village Apartments
2730 Wolf Village Way
Raleigh, NC 27607
(just north of the corner of Western Boulevard and Gorman St.)
​View in Google Maps

Prices, Private Bedrooms in 2-Bathroom Suites

Per person: 
$165 for 3 nights, $120 for 2, $75 for 1, is the flat cost for the "triple" option, where 3 registrants occupy the suite.
Per person:
  $210 for 3 nights, $150 for 2, $90 for 1, is the flat cost for the "double" option, where 2 registrants occupy the suite.

Different P-POD registrants may mutually choose to share an apartment (and its kitchen and living room), or else we can randomly assign other gender-compatible (as defined by you) persons to share your apartment.  If you are sharing with persons you do not know, and you have any public health related concerns (such as new pandemic developments), you of course have the right to use any appropriate distancing/masking measures you wish, in shared kitchen / living-room areas of the apartment.

Details about Private-bedroom Kitchen Suites

  • In private bedroom:  a “full” (54" X 74") bed (a "student type", not "hotel type", bed)

  • In private bedroom:  desk, desk chair, mini-dresser drawers and bookshelf

  • In private bedroom:  bedding, blanket, towel, washcloth, soap/shampoo/conditioner, cup

  • P-POD has traditionally added three coat-hangers to each Wolf Village bedroom

  • Shared living room with couch, chair, entertainment center, side table and coffee table

  • Shared kitchen with refrigerator and appliances

  • Shared dining table and chairs

  • Thermostat for setting temperature targets or suppressing the air conditioning system

  • Washer and dryer

  • Service desk (in Gray Hall lobby), with 24-hour emergency phone line, for apartment complex

  • Fitness room on site in the apartment complex

  • Wifi throughout the area

  • Further descriptions are at:

Procedure to Get Housing
Nights Available
Prices, Campus Housing
Location of Housing
Details about Suites
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