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Above:  Neha Pathak, MD FACP DipABLM, Jennifer Trilk, PhD FACSM DipACLM and Shayna Smith, MD DipABLM, leaders and innovators in the Lifestyle Medicine field, presenting at the Oct. 22-23, 2022 P-POD continuing education conference.



Make a tax-deductible donation to Plant-based Prevention Of Disease, Inc. by using the donation button below or by mailing a check payable to “P-POD” to P.O. Box 286, Asheville NC 28802-0286.  Your support is crucial to our nonprofit and devoutly noncommercial conference, and is humbly appreciated!

Why P-POD?

  • P-POD is the finest U.S. conference of fewer than 100 speakers for explaining the impact that plant-based nutrition, combined with lifestyle medicine and health equity, can have on chronic disease in society.

  • The P-POD nonprofit has always accepted absolutely zero funding, sponsorship or influence from commercial sources.

  • P-POD's registration fees per day are lower than those for most fully accredited professional conferences in the U.S.

  • Most of the distinguished researchers, clinicians and educators who speak at P-POD are women, and close to half are people of color.

  • Since the 2014 founding, every P-POD Conference has provided continuing education credits to physicians, nurses, dietitians and other practitioners.

  • Since December 2017, every in-person P-POD Conference has provided the In-person CME required for candidates for Lifestyle Medicine Diplomate credentialing.

  • P-POD's innovative curriculum of 13 Core Topic Areas is of unusually high relevance and value for healthcare practitioners and activists today.

  • Any nutrition conference should represent Registered Dietitians well among its speakers, and we have done that:  74 RDNs in 15 conferences since our founding.

NOW MORE THAN EVER, our evidence-based work against major chronic diseases is of enormous public health importance.  One of the factors most closely and undeniably associated with COVID-19's adverse outcomes and fatalities, is existing chronic disease.

Plant-based Prevention Of Disease, Inc. is recognized by IRS as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization.  Your generous donations may be deductible as part of U.S. tax return itemized deductions.  Our federal Employer Identification Number is 47-1328220.  Our Mission Statement is here.  Our page at is here.

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