Leigh Frame, PhD MHS

Executive Director of the Office of Integrative Medicine and Health, Program Director of Integrative Medicine, and Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical Research and Leadership, George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Joint Appointment as Assistant Professor, Department of Physician Assistant Studies, George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Founding Chair, GW Microbiome Research Interest Group, George Washington University

Honored in the Top 100 Healthcare Leaders of 2020, International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare

Author or co-author of 17 peer-reviewed original manuscripts, and author of the chapter "Ergogenic Effects of Foods and Nutrients" in the forthcoming 4th edition of "Nutrition in Clinical Practice"

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Recondite Consulting, Gaithersburg MD

Scientific Advisory Board Member, Scaled Microbiomics

Nonprofit board member, Access Integrative Medicine Health Institute

An extended bio will be posted here at a later date.

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