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Marsha-Gail Davis, MD MPH DipABLM

Primary Care Physician, Piedmont Healthcare (The Piedmont Clinic)

Medical Consultant for Big Picture Living, a student health initiative through Big Picture Learning

Consultant, Full Plate Living, in conjunction with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and Ardmore Institute
Former Member of Board of Directors and of Health System Council Advisory Board, American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Former Co-Chair, HEAL Initiative (Health Equity Achieved Through Lifestyle Medicine), American College of Lifestyle Medicine

Marsha-Gail Davis, MD MPH DipABLM, hailing originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica, earned her Doctorate in Medicine at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine, where she founded the still-continuing Nutrition Kitchen Project, which provides culturally competent, economical and community-based nutrition classes to patients of the UCSD Student-Run Free Clinic.  She completed a Master of Public Health degree at San Diego State University School of Public Health, a Primary Care Internal Medicine residency at Yale New Haven Hospital and a Preventive Medicine residency University of California San Diego, and she is board certified both in Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine.  She works in primary care practice, currently at the Piedmont Clinic of Piedmont Healthcare in Georgia, as an internist and self-described preventionist, and also serves as a medical consultant for Big Picture Living, an empowering student health initiative through the innovative education organization Big Picture Learning.  She has received a number of awards for her compassion, activism and community service.

Dr. Davis, a Diplomate of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM), has served this organization in multiple capacities, such as through past membership in both its Board of Directors and its Health System Council Advisory Board.  Starting in 2019 she co-chaired ACLM's Health Equity Achieved through Lifestyle Medicine (HEAL) Initiative for several years, focusing upon membership activation, community engagement and intersectoral partnerships, and she also consults for the Full Plate Living Program, a collaboration of ACLM and Ardmore Institute where her research seeks to adapt its lifestyle interventions to Black / African American populations.

Dr. Davis embraces a mission to guide her patients and community members not only to get well, but also to preserve their health over the course of their lives.  She seeks to help them avoid the unnecessary burden of preventable diseases that cause profound suffering and early death, especially in communities of color that are most ravaged by the impact of chronic disease.  Her interest is in making prevention the priority and making prevention popular, by incorporating lifestyle medicine into primary care and community public health interventions, and by developing creative health promotion strategies as a physician artist.  She is passionate about utilizing community engagement and behavior/culture change strategies to address heath disparities, and she believes "the sky is the limit and anything is possible".

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