2021 registration begins sometime autumn 2020.  Each of the 2 events will have Full and Weekend options for both in-person and online.  Details later.  Everything below on this page shows what the PREVIOUS 2020 registration looked like!  SIGN UP FOR UPDATES.   SEE CORONAVIRUS PAGE.

Last Year's Registration 2020

Full Conference is an 18 hour educational program, but you have 22 educational hours (Friday 2:30 pm to Sunday 8:55 pm Eastern) in which to use the 18 hours and credits you pay for.

Short (Weekend) Conference is a 14 hour educational program, Saturday-Sunday only, but you have 18 educational hours (Saturday 9:30 am to Sunday 8:55 pm Eastern) in which to use the 14 hours and credits you pay for.

"Saturday Afternoon" is a 4 hours-minus-breaks special session that may be registered separately by the general public, 1:10-5:10pm Eastern.  It is included in Full or Short registration.

"Friday Mid-day 2-Hour Special Summit Session" is an optional 2 hour educational program that may be added to your registration OR registered separately by anyone.  Thus our maximum continuing education credits can be 20.

Please scroll down this page for information about discounts and discounted groups.

Click here for continuing education details.

Click here to see the full Agenda and Schedule.

Credit/debit card or check

Conference Costs and Deadlines

  • Extreme Early Bird pricing ends January 9

  • Early Bird pricing ends June 3

  • Advance pricing ends July 6

  • Final pricing ends July 23

Registration prices are below.  Our costs of processing registrations and payments will average an estimated $9/person, but we will add only a $2 charge for this during registration.  Our nonprofit invites you, if you wish, either to make an optional donation during registration to make up for this, or else to pay your registration by mailing a check, which should save us an average of $7 or $8 in costs.

Practitioners Earning Continued Education Credits




Extreme Early Bird



Early Bird









Other Health Professionals



Extreme Early Bird



Early Bird









Add Fri. Mid-day 2-Hour Special Session

2 hours CE

Flat Price


(No further discounts available)

No Continuing Education Credits

Satur. Aftern. Special Session Only

4 hours minus breaks

Through Early Bird


After Early Bird


(No further discounts available)

General Public



Extreme Early Bird



Early Bird












Extreme Early Bird



Early Bird









Add Fri. Mid-day Session Without CE

Flat Price


(No further discounts available)


All meals are 100% vegan without use of wheat as an ingredient, with oil-free options available.  Meals are included with registration, with the exception of the "arrival meal" just before the very first conference session, which later may be purchased by Full and Short attendees separately from the registration process.


Affordable walking-distance campus lodging MAY NOW BE BOOKED DURING the registration process!  [Complete information is at our Walking-distance Campus Housing page.]  AND, if you have ALREADY registered for the conference, you may SEPARATELY add that lodging via this special link:  LINK FOR HOUSING-ONLY REGISTRATION.

Information about off-site hotels where P-POD has arranged guaranteed rates and limited shuttle service to the conference site, may be found in the Lodging section of our Venue page.

Discounts and Discounted Groups

We have two types of discounts:

(1) Some individuals signed up at events (such as VegFests) that P-POD tabled at, to be emailed a discount code that can be applied during registration for a 10% price reduction.  This cannot be used for the Saturday-afternoon-only Special Session.

(2) Members of certain groups may use the discount codes listed below for reduction of the "Physician" or "Other Health Professionals" prices during registration.  The discounts would range from 10% to 15%, depending upon the group.

  • Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group (code VNDPG)

  • Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (code PCRM)

  • (Recipients of) Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies (code CNS)

  • (Michigan) Plant Based Nutrition Support Group (code PBNSG)

  • Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners (code MICNP)

  • (Michigan) Integrated Health Associates (code IHA)

  • Dietitians in Integrative and Functional Medicine Dietetic Practice Group (code DIFM)

  • American Association of Diabetes Educators (code AADE)

  • Indians in Nutrition and Dietetics (code IND)

  • Association of American Indian Physicians (code AAIP)

  • (Employees of) Indian Health Service (code IHS)

  • Triangle Vegetarian Society (code TVS)

  • Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coaches and Educators (code VLCE)

  • Virginia Nurses Association (code VNA)


P-POD assumes it has permission to utilize, for promotional and educational purposes, photographic images of the conference proceedings and incidental audience presence, unless prior written notification is received from individual attendees that such permission is withheld with regard to them.


  • Any cancellation that results from public health reasons related to the coronavirus epidemic, will have this policy replacing the 3 policies below....  The registrant will have two options:  applying toward any future P-POD event, all payments we received;  or else receiving full refunds without any cancellation fee.

  • For registrations canceled 45 days or more prior to the conference, a full refund minus $45 will be issued, or the registrant may apply the total amounts paid toward any future P-POD conference.

  • For registrations canceled less than 45 days but more than 8 days prior to the conference, a refund of 1/3rd of the total amounts paid will be issued, or 2/3rds of the total paid may be applied toward any future P-POD conference.

  • For registrations canceled 8 days or less prior to the conference, P-POD is unable to offer a refund or payment toward a future conference.


The final 2020 scholarship application deadline passed March 5th, but we might secure funding to be able to offer a small third round of applications and awards.

We're pleased to be continuing our first-ever scholarship program, launched in 2019.  A small number of full registration-fee-only scholarships will be awarded in the coming months for our 2020 event.  [Please note also that various opportunities for volunteer participation do come up throughout the year.  If interested, please see our Volunteer page.]  Scholarship application details....

(1) You have not yet registered for the conference.
(2) You have a good reason for attending P-POD.
(3) You can demonstrate financial need that is an obstacle to your attendance.

(1) You must apply by either of our 2 deadlines, an early-decision date of Tues. Dec. 17, 2019, or final date of Thurs. March 5, 2020, using our application form at scholarship.p-pod.org.
(2) Scholarship award recipients will be notified by Thurs. Jan. 2, 2020 or Tues. March 17, 2020.
(3) If you are a recipient, you must accept or decline the offer within one week of its being made.
(4) If you live outside the local area of our Michigan conference, then the scholarship will be considered confirmed and final when you provide confirmation that you have made travel and housing arrangements for attending.  We require this, because many nonprofits who offer event scholarship programs, experience a large number of "no-shows", thus we want to be able to transfer your award to another qualified person if you cannot follow through.

(NOTE) Please note that affordable walking-distance lodging in on-campus apartments is obtainable from P-POD as part of our regular online registration.  It is described on our Walkable Housing 2020 page.  Scholarship award recipients may, if desired, purchase this lodging by itself via our online registration, and P-POD staff will answer any questions they have that are not answered on that housing page.

Please note that all scholarships awarded by P-POD are given in the memory of one or more deceased individuals, as follows:

  • Cesar Chavez, nonviolent activist for farmworker rights, and a vegan.

  • Lena Francis Cooper, one of the founders of the American Dietetic Association, and a vegetarian.

  • George Eisman, one of the founding members of the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group.

  • Julie Loveless, one of our pioneering volunteers from the first 2 conference years of P-POD.

  • Meghan Murphy, the founding Director of the T. Colin Campbell Foundation.

  • Florence Nightingale, one of the key historical figures in the evolution of the nursing profession in the U.S.


Continuing Education

We are pleased to offer affordable opportunities for health professionals. Click here for details.

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