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Below Is the Complete Viewable Agenda for Sept. 30 - Oct. 2, 2023, Newark NJ (+ Virtual Option), Not Chronological but Organized Alphabetically by Speaker.


If instead you wish to DOWNLOAD a simple unformatted chronological agenda with all Sept.-Oct. details on one page (updated 4/22/23), please use this button:

Sharan Abdul-Rahman, MD MBA NCMP (Sat.)

WOMEN'S HEALTH FOCUS #1 -- Major Threats to Women's Health, 3rd Annual Look

Kayli Anderson, MS RDN ACSM-EP DipACLM (Sun.)

WOMEN'S HEALTH FOCUS #3 -- Plant-based Nutrition Basics For Women's Health

Rachel Atcheson, BS (Mon.)

[See special presentation near bottom of list.]

Yami Cazorla-Lancaster, DO MPH MS FAAP DipABLM (Sat.)

Navigating Body Size in Children: A Balanced Approach for Health AND Wellbeing

Deborah Chielli, AGNP-C  DipACLM (Mon.)

[See special presentation near bottom of list.]

Lily Correa, MPH RDN DipACLM (Mon.)

Culturally-attuned Nutrition and Lifestyle Guidance Vs. Chronic Disease in Urban Clinics

Michelle Dalal, MD FAAP DipABLM (Sun.-Mon.)

The Power of the Pause- A Lifestyle Approach to Teen Wellness

Marsha-Gail Davis, MD MPH DipABLM (Sun.)

HEALing Our Nation

Beth Frates, MD FACLM DipABLM (Sat.)

A Social Connection Prescription:  Aren't We Wired To Be Interactive and Supportive?

Mahima Gulati, MD MSc ECNU FACE FACLM DipABLM (Sun.-Mon.)

Type 2 Diabetes Remission with Therapeutic Lifestyle Approaches

Neil Iyengar, MD (Sat.)

New DISTINGUISHED RESEARCHERS SERIES -- Precision Lifestyle Interventions to Improve Cancer Risk and Outcomes

Kamyar Kalantar-Zadeh, MD PhD MPH FACP FASN FAAP FAHA FNKF (Sun.)

Plant-dominant Foods for Diabetes with Kidney Disease

Janese Laster, MD (Sat.)

The Gut Theory of Health through Nutrition

Michelle McMacken, MD FACP DipABLM (Sat.)

KEYNOTE SPEAKER -- Seeds of Change:  Growing Plant-based Lifestyle Medicine in NYC's Public Healthcare System

Vesanto Melina, MS RD (Canada) (Sun.-Mon.)

LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT HONOREE LECTURE -- Plant Powered Protein through Life

Gia Merlo, MD MBA DipABLM FACLM (Sat.)

A Year in Review:  What's New in Mental/Brain Health Research?

Robert Ostfeld, MD MSc FACC (Sat.)

Confessions of a Reformed Cardiologist:  A Plant-based Diet and Your Heart?

Sarina Pasricha, MD MSCR (Sun.)

The Brain-Gut-Microbiome Connection:  Simple Strategies to Create a Happy Healthy Gut

Lianna Levine Reisner, MSOD (Mon.)

[See special presentation near bottom of list.]

Steve Sugden, MD MPH MSS FASAM DipABLM (Mon.)

Harm Reduction for Risky Substances

Alison Tierney, MS RDN CD CSO (Sat.-Sun.)

WOMEN'S HEALTH FOCUS #4 -- Breast Cancer Nutrition:  Evidence-based Approach Blended with Personal Experience as an Oncology Dietitian and Cancer Thriver

Kim A. Williams, Sr., MD MACC FAHA MASNC FESC (Sun.)

PAST KEYNOTE SPEAKER -- Nutrition Vs. Cardiovascular Mortality in the Pandemic Era

Bohdanna Zazulak, DPT OCS (Sat.-Sun.)

New DISTINGUISHED RESEARCHERS SERIES -- Integrative Sports Injury Reduction and Rehabilitation:  A Frontier of Lifestyle Medicine

[Anderson + Melina + Tierney] (Sun.)

TRIPLE LECTURE AND FULL Q&A -- The Many Whole Plant-based Food Choices That Optimize Essential and Protective Nutrients:  A Guide for the Healthcare Team

[Chielli + Dalal + Sugden] (Mon.)

Trying to Cope with Trauma, Addiction and Sleep Disruption through Lifestyle Medicine

[Correa + Gulati + Melina] (Mon.)

P-POD’s Motto Is ‘The FUTURE of Healthcare Begins with NUTRITION’ -- How Can One Person Help Build That Future?

[Davis + Gulati] (Sun.)

Response Dialogue about Pursuing Health Equity in Practice

[Reisner + Atcheson] (Mon.)

DOUBLE PRESENTATION WITH Q&A -- Bringing Practitioners Together in Community and Public Policy Activism

[Tierney + Abdul-Rahman + Zazulak] (Sat.)

WOMEN'S HEALTH FOCUS #2 -- ANNUAL ROUND TABLE:  Women's Health Empowerment


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